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I work in a high stress job and since I started getting massages my stress levels have dropped so much that I don’t eat as many sweets. As a result, I’ve lost weight and lowered my blood pressure. My doctor is pleased. So is my wife.  – A.D.

Prevent Falls with These Exercises
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Did you know that improving your balance also reduces your risk of tripping or falling? These exercises help strengthen the muscles that improve your balance.…
Valentine’s Day Deals
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All you need is love. But a little chocolate, a massage and a great night’s sleep doesn’t hurt. Click on Dollar Amount Gift Certificates  for these Deals…
Happy Monday
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No words of wisdom today, no to-do list. I’ll simply share some anonymous musings and an image of humor and hope. “I long for a…
Does Your Neck Hurt?
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It may be from using your cell phone. When you’re looking at your cell phone screen, most of the time you’re looking down at a…
The importance of stretching
Are you ready to give up and live with those aches and pains?  There’s one more thing you can try at home that can make…
Easy Stress Relief
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December can be stressful. Here are a few easy, inexpensive ways to relax: Pour a handful of Epsom salts in a plastic tub with hot…