Wellness is a process where you become aware of, and make choices toward, a more purposeful existence.meadow - golden

“Our daughter arrived from L.A. with our granddaughters in tow with a flare-up of chronic neck and back pain.  A “Lesley massage” with massage cupping gave her great relief.  Four days later, she went to a regularly scheduled appointment with her chiropractor in California.  The chiropractor was amazed at the improvement in her back and neck and very impressed that the results lasted through a long, hectic flight home.  Lesley’s skills are amazing.”  C. P.oil team around poster - smaller

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How To Get a FREE Massage

Send in 4 friends and your next one hour massage
is free
. It's that simple!

Please allow 24 hour notice to cancel.

This allows someone else a chance to receive a massage.  Thanks!