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Action. Reflection. Balance.

Most of us evaluate the past year and hope the next year is better. Here’s an alternative to just creating new year’s plain-dripping-oilresolutions. Instead of adding to your to do list, just focus on a theme for the year ahead by choosing three little words. The words I chose to help you this year are: Action, Reflection, and Balance.

By taking action, I can try out new things that may help you. One action I’ve already begun is using a new scheduling system where you can go online and see my availability and book your appointment immediately. If you’ve been a client in the past, you no longer need to enter credit card information to make an appointment. You’re recognized by your email address. Try it today by visiting Once you choose what treatment you’d like, you can see what times are open, and can back out easily if you aren’t ready to schedule yet.

With reflection, I can learn what did and didn’t work from my actions and make changes to improve. Reflection takes time (which is one reason this message is a little longer than usual), patience, and a willingness to be comfortable with uncertainty. Reflection not only builds these useful traits, it also allows for time that seems unproductive. In our instant society, the value of a pause is often overlooked. Even if I don’t learn things from my reflection, I’ve given my body and brain a different experience. That pause provides rest which is vitally important to good health.

Lastly, balance helps to move between action and reflection effortlessly. Honoring both equally provides perspective that leads to wisdom. Similarly, a healthy muscle is not one that stays in either a state of contraction or relaxation. Healthy muscles move fluidly from one state to another, regularly and with ease.

I look forward to sharing the benefits of both my actions and reflections with you this year and bring us all into balance!