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7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Relax

  1. Move. Whether you like to stretch, walk, or workout, just keep moving for greater efficiency in your lymphatic system. This puts germ-fighting cells where they’re needed.
  2. Keep the good bacteria. Research shows that probiotics strengthen immune cells. Eat some yogurt, fermented sauerkraut, or kefir.
  3. Sing to your heart’s content! It lowers the level of stress hormones which can weaken your immunity.
  4. Soak up some nature. It soothes your nerves and releases tension. That frees up resources in your body for other priorities like building immunity.
  5. Eat your veggies. They have high levels of antioxidants and fiber that reduce inflammation and remove harmful free radicals.
  6. Talk to a loved one. It changes your brain chemistry to support your body’s natural healing ability.
  7. Get some rest. All the systems of your body are rejuvenated by a good night’s sleep.

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Q & A on CBD

There are many common misconceptions about CBD. Here are just the facts.
  • Hemp and Marijuana are both plant species within the Cannabis family. They are talked about interchangeably, but there is one big difference.You can’t get high from hemp.
  • My CBD oil is derived from flowers of the hemp plant.
  • Two chemicals are important in both hemp and cannabis plants: CBDwhich is medicinal and THC which is narcotic. There may be very low quantities of THC in CBD oil from hemp. You won’t feel the narcotic effect, but it may show up in a drug test.
  • CBD is not currently not regulated, however there are ways to tell the good stuff from the bad. Comsumer Reports recommends getting lab results about what amount of CBD is present. I can provide those results upon request.
  • CBD is widely used to relieve inflammation from arthritis and injuries, decrease anxiety, and reduce pain.
  • I use locally sourced CBD from hemp grown in New York State.

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Your feet are your best friend.

Best friends comfort you when you’re not feeling your best.
Did you know that you can help your whole body feel better, just by taking care of your feet? You know, that part of your body that works so hard and is ignored until it hurts?The easiest way to treat your feet is to toss a handful of Epsom salts into a small plastic tub of hot tap water. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. You can do this while sitting on the couch watching your favorite Netflix show or seeing what’s new on Facebook.

Benefits of an Epsom Salt Foot Soak come from absorbing magnesium which:

  • soothes your nervous system
  • enhances cellular energy production
  • improves muscle function
  • lowers stress levels
  • minimizes inflammation
  • can reduce swelling and pain related to inflammation

Summer Self-Care

summer saratoga self-care massageWarmer, longer days bring the opportunity for new adventures, but it’s also easy to let routine go by the wayside. To get the best out of this season, keep up with your own self care in between all the busy summer activities.

Stick to a regular bodywork routine of walking, swimming, going to the gym, or some other enjoyable exercise. I’m here all summer if you overdo it or just want to remind your body what it feels like to not be busy. Enjoy!


I Love to Hear You Snore!

When you fall asleep on the massage table it’s a great compliment. 
You only sleep when you’re relaxed and comfortable. It’s wonderful feedback for me! Did you know that people fall asleep most often when I work on their feet? Also, there’s a higher rate of people falling asleep when I give CBD massages. It’s not definitive, but does show a trend of even higher relaxation with CBD oil.

Since the CBD massage has generated a lot of interest, I’ve added a new package deal. for $499 you can get 6 CBD one-hour massages. That’s more than $10 off each massage! It would make a nice gift!

Be Gentle.

Seven deer standing in the snow and eating berries off a tree.

These deer were in my front yard last week.

This photo was taken in my front yard last week. According to some Native American traditions, each animal brings us an iconic message when they cross our path. Since these deer were in the yard right next to where you park for your massage, I figured the message was meant for all of us.

When deer show up it is a signal to be gentle with yourself and others. It’s a reminder to relax into a more natural rhythm. This way new adventures and ideas will open up to you which could be missed if you were pushing too hard toward a certain goal.

Meditating, slow-moving exercise like yoga or walking, or receiving a massage are some of the ways to reset your pace to a more natural rhythm.

Is massage is the right solution for your sleep issues?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report one third of US adults don’t get enough sleep. Dozens of independent studies found massage improved sleep for people with ailments such as lower back pain and migraines. Wave goodbye to restless nights and sleeping pills, and say hello to deeply relaxing and fulfilling massages instead.

Caffeine alternative for the afternoon slump

Did you know that simple stretches can wake you up as much as a cup of coffee? Try these out:

1) Weave your fingers together and push your palms overhead towards the ceiling while sitting up straight and tall in your chair. Hold for 30 seconds. You can also slowly twist from side to side

2) Sit near the edge of your chair. Put your left foot on your right knee. Now do the hokey pokey. Nah, I’m kidding. Just press your left knee gently towards the floor for 30 seconds. This stretches your hips and lower back.

Sing Your Way to Health and Happiness

You don’t need to sing well to get health benefits!
We all have different degrees of talent, especially when it comes to singing. I should know. My father was a music teacher with a great voice. My mother used to say, “Behave or I’ll sing to you,” and trust me, we learned quickly that it was less painful to just behave.

Yet, the benefits of belting it out are available to all of us. You can enjoy your own carpool karaoke (or sing alone, if necessary) and lower your level of stress hormones. This will also improve your immune system thru winter and summer. Turn your commute into musical medicine and stay healthy and happy in 2019.