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Be vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbit.

I spent most of this past weekend in the garden where it was vewy, vewy quiet. Although, I’m not sure if any of the rabbits in the thicket are named Bugs Bunny.

I leave my cell phone in the house for practicality so it doesn’t get hot, dirty, or wet. Because of that, I discovered I’m more focused and productive, but I’m also more aware of what’s going on. I notice the bird songs, the color of the sky and clouds, and the antics of my outdoor cat.

You would think that taking pauses to observe my surroundings would slow down how much I get done, but I’ve found it does the opposite. There is something about quiet time that is soothing to your body. It resets your nervous system to relax mode. When you’re in overdrive, you can actually miss important details as well as bigger obvious things. You can’t take in as much data to help you make decisions.
Slowing down is an important part of functioning. That’s why your nervous system is divided into the sympathetic, fight or flight part, and the parasympathetic, rest and digest part. Our culture rewards the fighting side of your nervous system and many of our recreational activities like gaming and even watching TV triggers the adrenals that fuel it.

Quiet time guarantees that only our resting nervous system is engaged. You might have a few anxious thoughts that come and go if you’re not used to slowing down. Wait them out and let them pass or employ several slow, deep breaths to ease your tension.

Build some form of quiet time into each day, especially in the morning and before bed. It doesn’t need to be meditation. You can read a book, stretch, or watch a sunset or sunrise. You could play music or enjoy a hobby like gardening, knitting, or woodworking. Just 10 minutes of quiet time might even give you a half hour or more of relaxed productivity elsewhere in your day. If you’re like me, at the very least, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and happier.

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