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I work in a high stress job and since I started getting massages my stress levels have dropped so much that I don’t eat as many sweets. As a result, I’ve lost weight and lowered my blood pressure. My doctor is pleased. So is my wife.  – A.D.

Slowing Down Can Make You More Productive
Recently, I was listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss on how to increase your productivity and I was very surprised at the advice. Instead…
Smile Away Your Stress!
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Just smile. I’m not sure why smiling feels like a big effort sometimes, but it’s worth trying. Just by having your mouth muscles in a…
Action. Reflection. Balance.
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Most of us evaluate the past year and hope the next year is better. Here’s an alternative to just creating new year’s resolutions. Instead of…
Thanks for the Memories
Are you having trouble remembering things lately?  Stress can impair our memories, even if it’s the good stress that comes with holiday hustle and bustle.…
Reduce Your Holiday Stress – in Minutes!
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Feeling overwhelmed with the agenda of this holiday season?  Try these tricks: Don’t multi-task.  Take things one at a time. Put on some peaceful music.…
Plants That Clear the Air
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With the colder weather, you’re inside more often and are subject to pollution from the objects in your home and office.  You can clear the…