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Massage Cupping Helps Old Injuries

Massage cupping can be used for a variety of treatments including releasing tight muscles, improving circulation and lymphatic flow, and softening tissues, however it’s also very effective on old scars and injuries.

When soft tissue is injured, your body reacts by forming scar tissue to anchor the injured tissue in place. Scar tissue will attach to whatever is nearby. Sometimes, this causes the new tissue to have a shorter range of movement than it had before. Scar tissue can also take up more space and restrict blood flow. If a nerve runs through the damaged area, the nerve can be pinched or pulled by the adhesion, causing it to send pain signals. When this happens, all you’re aware of is that you’re in pain, have limited movement, or just aren’t able to function as well as you did before.

Massage cupping is very helpful in this instance, no matter how long you’ve been dealing with the discomfort. Adhesions require treatment because your body has no way reduce scar tissue naturally. The cupping lifts adhesions gently away from areas where they don’t belong and restores blood flow to restricted area. What you will notice is a soothing treatment that relieves your pain and restores mobility just like traditional massage, however, it can improve range of motion even better than traditional massage. I can include a little massage cupping on specific areas or use it for most of your massage time.  It’s all up to what you would like.

Heat Eases Sore Muscles

I’m back from a successful college search for my daughter, but unfortunately I have a fully booked schedule this week. There are lots of appointments available next week, so please visit to schedule a massage.   Having slept on many different hotel mattresses and driving countless hours, my neck, back, and shoulders were a little sore. Since I wasn’t able to take time to get a massage to relieve my muscle pain, I relied on an old standby: heat, specifically Thermacare brand wraps. They come in a variety of shapes for knees, necks, backs, or square patches and they all adhere with a sticky side applied to your skin. It was a double blessing walking campuses in wind and snow, keeping my muscles relaxed and adding extra warmth during the cold weather. If you’re achy this week, try using heat while you’re booking a massage for next week.

Happy President’s Day!

“A man watches his pear-tree day after day, impatient for the ripening of the fruit. Let him attempt to force the process, and he may spoil both fruit and tree. But let him patiently wait, and the ripe pear at length falls into his lap!”
– President Abraham Lincoln

I think this advice holds true for our health as well. Think like the turtle and not the hare. Do a few simple things every day to promote better health. Pay attention to your choices of movement, food, and even your thoughts. It’s been shown that just thinking of people and things that make you happy actually make you healthier.

Feeling cold and tense? Drink hot cocoa to relax.

If you’re feeling tense on a cold day, drink a hot beverage. It raises your body temperature slightly which is comforting and calming. New research shows that hot cocoa is especially good at easing your tension. The compound epicatechin that’s present in cocoa powder keeps your blood pressure steady when there’s stress. Don’t add too much milk though, since it reduces your ability to absorb epicatechin. Here’s one good thing about the cold weather – it gives you a reason to drink more cocoa.

Massage may be more effective for back pain than medication

According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, massage may be more effective for back pain than medication. One hour of massage per week was enough to decrease or even eliminate back pain in 37% of participants over just 4% improvement in those who were treated with pills and exercises. Receiving a lighter, relaxing massage versus a deep tissue massage produced equally good results. Massage recipients also spent less time recovering in bed and therefore were more physically active. I can only guess that means they had a better chance of keeping away the pounds that sometimes accumulate while recuperating.

Happy and Healthy New Year!

We’ve been told for a while now to drink 64 ounces of water a day. It seems that advice needs a little tweaking since we are all different sizes and live in different climates. The best advice now is good old common sense. Watch out for flavored waters with high sugar contents. Steer clear of ice cubes if you can. Don’t be afraid of your tap water, it’s still among the cleanest in the world, but if you still worry, carbon filters remove most contaminants.

Don’t forget that you also get water from your food too, up to 20 percent. You may think about the juicy vegetables such as cucumbers or watermelons, but white rice and chicken are over 50 percent water so don’t rule them out. Of course, tonight with any luck, I’ll be drinking champagne! Happy New Year!

Give the Gift of Massage this Christmas

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Foot Massage Helps Cancer Patients

A new study led by Michigan State University researcher Gwen Wyatt, a professor in the College of Nursing, concludes that daily foot massage helps cancer patients. They breathe better, can climb stairs more easily, and perform regular tasks like getting dressed and grocery shopping with greater ease.

The study involved 385 women undergoing chemotherapy or hormonal therapy for advanced-stage breast cancer that had spread beyond the breast. The women were assigned randomly to three groups: Some received treatment by a certified reflexologist, others got a foot massage meant to act like a placebo, and the rest had only standard medical treatment and no foot manipulation. The study, funded by the National Cancer Institute, is believed to be the first large-scale study to put hard science behind the benefits of reflexology as a complement to standard cancer care.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s not stress that leads to poor health, it’s how you handle it. It’s been known for a long time that chronic stress has a dramatic effect on your mental health, causing depression, anxiety and anger. Now a Penn State University study says if you’re unable to handle minor daily hassles such as deadlines, traffic jams, or disagreements at work or home, you’re much more likely to suffer from the physical ailments cause by stress. These can cause or increase cardiovascular issues, autoimmune diseases and even make you more susceptible to the common cold.

“Results indicate that people’s reactions to daily stressors are predictive of future chronic health conditions,” the study states. “Daily stressors are less severe than chronic stressors, but they are nonetheless associated with adverse same-day physical health outcomes,” the study says, noting the occurrence of fatigue, sore throat, headache and backache. In people with chronic health conditions, it increased their pain sensitivity, causing tension headaches, joint pain, and psoriasis to intensify.

Velcro and Teflon (easygoing) types of people both face daily stress, but Velcro types respond more emotionally and have problems letting the moment pass. “I think our activities of daily life have evolved faster than body physiology,” said David M. Almeida, a doctor of psychology at Penn State’s Center for Healthy Aging, and the study leader. “We are trying to determine who the Teflon people are and who the Velcro people are. Not surprisingly, people who have more financial and socioeconomic resources are more likely to be Teflon people.”

This study is the first to link everyday stress reactivity to certain physical health conditions previously associated only with chronic stress, including digestive problems, pain-related problems and urinary-bladder conditions. The study calls for further investigation of how chronic and daily stressors interact on health effects.

Thomas Kamarck, a University of Pittsburgh professor of psychology and psychiatry, says “The unique twist in this study is that the authors measured daily stressors shortly after they occur, at the end of each day, rather than measuring chronic adversity, such as long-term unemployment, marital strain and so forth…The findings suggest that there may be some value in measuring stress and [response to stress] with a finer resolution than we’ve been accustomed to seeing in this research.”

Give the Gift of Massage This Year

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