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How to Stretch at Your Desk

Here you are back at work and you’re still longing for that couch at home. So is your tired aching body. Even with a perfectly designed workstation, comfortable chair, and good posture, working at a computer is likely to result in strain, because it requires you to sit still for long periods of time and then carry out repetitive motions.

Fortunately, your body is forgiving. You can reverse strain with a small amount of stretching. Here are some stretches you can do at your desk, or even in your car. It’s a great thing to do when you’re stuck at a red light.

Lift your shoulders up toward your ears and hold for two breaths. Then let them drop when you exhale.
Gently push your shoulders back slightly, as if someone was bringing your shoulder blades together. Let go gently.
Roll your shoulders in circles, one way and then the other.

Please stop if you feel pain. If anything hurts, slowly move so that you feel better. These stretches are never meant to cause pain and if they do, they are not helping you.

Wonderful Ways to Lose Weight

A recent U.S. study, published online in the Journal of Obesity, found several ways to watch your weight without dieting:

1) Listen to your body’s cues about hunger and fullness
2) Reduce your stress, specifically lowering cortisol, a stress hormone

Would you like a few more tips?

3) Smell a grapefruit. It’s up to you if you eat it or not, but the smell of it lessens your appetite.
4) Use cinnamon and nutmeg wherever you can. I even saw an episode of Dr. Oz where he suggested that you soak the spices in hot water and add it to your body wash or bathwater.
5) Get a weight loss body wrap that combines healing spiced oils with cortisol-reducing massage cupping.  Try one today and save $!

Relax a Little Every Day

Give the gift of relaxation to yourself every day. Whether you have ten minutes to put your feet up, a chance to take a nap, or an hour to get a massage, you deserve it. Rewarding yourself with little treats can help you forget about your troubles, and you’ll look forward to them (and get your mind off other things).

Massage melts holiday stress

Holiday stress can take out the best of us! Let’s all take a moment and give thanks to the restorative effects of massage and its ability to relax and melt away the stress of the holidays.

This is the beginning of a wonderful year so let’s all give thanks and celebrate with a calming massage for all!

Stay Healthy this Holiday

Age Management Physicians from Cenegenics Carolinas, a preventive health and age management medical facility, released their top tips for staying healthy over the 2011 holiday season:

Exercise relieves stress. Even ten minutes of walking can really help.

Drink plenty of water. The number one cause of daytime fatigue is dehydration.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. Avoid heavy beverages like eggnog. Instead, opt for a light beer or liquor mixed with sparkling water.

Get enough sleep. Try to keep a regular bedtime as much as possible.

Get a massage. Better yet, to reduce your stress even more, get a massage for free!  Click on the facebook link on the home page to be eligible to win.

Don’t let holiday stress get you down

Don’t let holiday stress get you down. Here are some easy tips to get you thru.

Breathe deeply. Count while breathing in if it helps you pull in more air. Pause for a moment before you exhale. Now breathe out all the way until every last breath is gone. If you can, pause just a second before breathing in again. See if you can feel the peacefulness. Breathe in again slowly and fully while you focus on the sound of your breathing.

Let the light in. The short, dark days can affect your circadian rhythms, leaving you feeling fatigued. Sunlight helps regulate those cycles and stimulates the production of feel-good serotonin. If you can’t get outside, sit by a window or try a light box.

Laugh. Out loud. Yes, really. Don’t feel like laughing? Do it anyway. You’ll feel so goofy it will make you laugh for real. I know because I’ve done it and it works fairly quickly. Sometimes it’s good to be silly.

Easy gift shopping

The holidays can be hectic and I have the perfect gift solution. Purchase Instant Gift Certificates online and instantly send gifts to the special people in your life.

Give them the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional massage and make it easy on you at the same time. It’s one way to put a little calm back into the holiday.

Just personalize an Instant Gift Certificate, and then email or print and you are done. It will make every recipient smile and embrace the joy of the season!

Reading Keeps You Healthy

Overwhelming research shows that if you keep your mind sharp and active, you can prevent memory loss. “There is no question that reading can maintain a healthy brain as you age,” said Janice Vickers, executive director of Alzheimer’s of Glynn/ Brunswick. “The saying is true: If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, can be avoided or, at the very least, delayed.

Using your brain as often as possible in a variety of ways is great mental exercise. It can be as simple as reading a book which involves many functions of the brain, including concentration, vision and comprehension. Reading books, magazines and periodicals aren’t the only sources individuals can use to stimulate brain function. Doing research online, playing trivia games and even crossword puzzles have been shown as ways to produce more brain function and prevent dementia-related diseases, Vickers said.

Simple everyday exercises

While juggling responsibilities at work and home, it may be hard to find time to go to the gym. The good news is you may not have to go anywhere to get a good workout. Any kind of movement will burn calories. Try these simple tips to add more exercise to your day:

Park in the back of the parking lot so that you have to walk a little farther.
To build arm strength, carry your groceries instead of pushing them in a cart.
Give your house a really good cleaning.
Take the stairs.
If you can, walk instead of driving.
Use an exercise ball instead of a chair. I use this technique every day to tone my abdomen and hips.

Boost your Immunity, nourish your skin!

Did you know that your skin is an important part of your immune system?  It fights off germs day and night, but it functions better when your body is well hydrated.  You can nourish your skin best by drinking plenty of non-caffeinated fluids and rubbing on moisturizer daily.  Not only will your skin have a healthy glow, you will stay healthier!