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Can Massage Make You Stronger?

The short answer is, yes!

We live in a culture that notices when you push the limits of endurance. You see this in phrases like “no pain, no gain” and “feel the burn.” However, there is no evidence that is the best way to achieve anything.

In our bodies, good health is when we’re in balance, called homeostatsis. In our muscles, it shows up as a comfortable flow between tension and relaxation without remaining in either state too long. Yet, most of us spend much more time in a tense state than otherwise. This wears down our muscles leading to injury and disease.

Prolonged tension often shows up as a digestive disorder since that system is made up largely of smooth muscle tissue. When we work through lunchtime, we’re ignoring the important “rest and digest” part of our nervous sytem. In other words, we’re not slowing down during a meal to balance the activity before and afer lunch. Tension can sometimes build up faster from mental activity than from physical work, so you’re not safe if you have a desk job.

Building some form of tension reliever into your routine strengthens your muscles by providing a fluid flow between their active and relaxed states. So yes, each massage makes you stronger.