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How to Get the Perfect Massage

Have you ever had a massage that just didn’t feel right because the pressure was too much or not enough? I want to make sure you get the massage you need, while still having it be a pleasant experience for you. Some people are afraid to speak up, don’t want to hurt my feelings, or don’t want to leave the massage zone in order to speak up. Luckily, there are many ways you can let me know what pressure is just right for you.

If you’re ok with talking and the massage is too light, simply saying, “That feels good, but I could take more pressure” is very helpful. Please, always let me know if the work in an area is too intense. Some muscles are more sensitive than others due to their current strain or contraction. I can be using the same pressure on your whole body, but it will feel light in some areas and too much in others.

If you feel pain during the massage, then there is probably more tension in that area, perhaps more than you realized. I may be trying to work out too much in too little time. If you have problem areas, consider booking a longer massage or coming back for a second session in a short interval.

If you’re unsure about the pressure, check in with your breathing. Slow, deep breaths usually shows the pressure is just right. Fast breathing or holding your breath usually shows that you’re getting close to your threshold of pain and you need less pressure. If you’re clenching your teeth, it’s definitely time to say “Uncle” and let me know to ease up.

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