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How to Stretch at Your Desk

Here you are back at work and you’re still longing for that couch at home. So is your tired aching body. Even with a perfectly designed workstation, comfortable chair, and good posture, working at a computer is likely to result in strain, because it requires you to sit still for long periods of time and then carry out repetitive motions.

Fortunately, your body is forgiving. You can reverse strain with a small amount of stretching. Here are some stretches you can do at your desk, or even in your car. It’s a great thing to do when you’re stuck at a red light.

Lift your shoulders up toward your ears and hold for two breaths. Then let them drop when you exhale.
Gently push your shoulders back slightly, as if someone was bringing your shoulder blades together. Let go gently.
Roll your shoulders in circles, one way and then the other.

Please stop if you feel pain. If anything hurts, slowly move so that you feel better. These stretches are never meant to cause pain and if they do, they are not helping you.

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