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Massage Cupping is for You

If you want to move better than you are now, massage cupping is for you.  Whether you need more flexibility, bettercupping marks - michael phelps range of motion, less pain, or you’re just not getting around as well as you once were, I can help.

Massage cupping isn’t new, it’s just not well known.  Cupping has been done for thousands of years in Egypt and Asia.  Luckily, since then, they’ve invented a machine that creates easily regulated, gentle pressure so I won’t need to leave circular marks like you’ve seen on Olympic athletes and celebrities.

Cupping can be as gentle and relaxing as you’d like.  It can also create incredible changes in your body from both old and new injuries.  I personally have had results from one session of cupping on injuries I had decades earlier.

Best of all, I can combine cupping work right into your regular massage session so you get the best of both worlds.