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Plants That Clear the Air

spider-plantWith the colder weather, you’re inside more often and are subject to pollution from the objects in your home and office.  You can clear the air and add some natural beauty by simply adding houseplants.

Aloe vera is a common, easy-care plant that helps to remove formaldehyde given off by flooring and other building materials.  You can even use the gel straight from the plant to help with burns and other skin issues.

The Boston fern survives even if you forget to water it regularly.  This might be a great plant for an office.

The English Ivy removes toxins from cigarette smoke and pesticides. It is especially helpful if you have allergies or asthma.

My favorite air purifier is the spider plant. It also keeps carbon monoxide levels low and doesn’t need a lot of light, although it does like regular watering.

Find a plant you enjoy and keep it around.  For more info, visit