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Practice Having an Open Heart

This election cycle has been one of the longest, most divisive one I can recall.  At times, I have resorted to talking garden-hose-bg-nozzlesback to the TV when I didn’t like what I heard a candidate say. Not my most enlightened moment.  I try to learn from these lower points in my life to see how I can improve personally and  also make the space around me more peaceful and healing for others.

One of the techniques I’ve found most helpful when I’m feeling aggravated is to just focus on my heart and imagine love pouring out of it like a sprinkler hose.  There is no target, no agenda, just love watering the hearts of anyone within range. Hopefully, it affects someone.  I know it calms me down and puts me in a better, more accepting mood.

Now that you’ve stopped laughing at my suggestion, just try it.  Next time you’re stuck in traffic, hassled at work, or wherever your stressful triggers are, just picture love pouring out of your heart. Do it long enough to notice if your heart rate has decreased, your breathing has slowed, or even better, that your mind has moved on to other, more pleasant thoughts.