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Protect Your Mental Health and Reduce Stress

Savoring the big and little joys in your daily life increases self-esteem and may even protect against negative emotions, creating a buffer against stress. This particular habit includes reminiscing about happy times in your past, enjoying the little details of your daily life, taking time for beautiful moments like enjoying a sunset, and allowing yourself to fully appreciate even the bittersweet moments. You might want to keep a journal of pleasurable memories.

You can’t hold two emotions at the same time, so if you concentrate on happiness, you’ll actually start to experience that moment more which builds a richer, more emotionally rewarding life. If you’re having trouble getting started, look at photos of your loved ones. Studies have shown that act alone calms your body and increases positive brain chemicals. When you notice the difference that brings, you’re more likely to realize what other things promote the same positive feelings.

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