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Q & A on CBD

There are many common misconceptions about CBD. Here are just the facts.
  • Hemp and Marijuana are both plant species within the Cannabis family. They are talked about interchangeably, but there is one big difference.You can’t get high from hemp.
  • My CBD oil is derived from flowers of the hemp plant.
  • Two chemicals are important in both hemp and cannabis plants: CBDwhich is medicinal and THC which is narcotic. There may be very low quantities of THC in CBD oil from hemp. You won’t feel the narcotic effect, but it may show up in a drug test.
  • CBD is not currently not regulated, however there are ways to tell the good stuff from the bad. Comsumer Reports recommends getting lab results about what amount of CBD is present. I can provide those results upon request.
  • CBD is widely used to relieve inflammation from arthritis and injuries, decrease anxiety, and reduce pain.
  • I use locally sourced CBD from hemp grown in New York State.

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