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Simple Stress Relievers

Stress can take a large toll on your mental and physical health. “People who are under a lot of stress have physical problems related to constantly being under stress,” says Sally R. Connolly, a social worker and therapist at the Couples Clinic of Louisville in Louisville, Ky. “And if you don’t find ways [to relieve it], even in small periods of time, you can have long-term consequences.” It’s crucial to add stress relief to your everyday routine, she says. Fortunately, there are things you can do that don’t take much time or money.

Reading can give you a feeling of escape. Whether it’s a novel or a travel magazine, if it helps you forget your current worries, then it acts as a mental vacation.

Look through photo albums. Studies have shown that looking at pictures of loved ones affects our body chemistry, producing feelings of peace and calm.

Put on music that you enjoy. You don’t need to be home to use this technique. Some workplaces allow ipods to be used at your desk.

Take a true coffee break and look out a window if you can. Viewing the outdoors can settle your stomach and calm your nerves. This even works if you’re a passenger in a car or airplane.

You get even more calming effects if you go outside and take a walk. Nature has enormous healing effects on us.