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Slowing Down Can Make You More Productive

Recently, I was listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss on how to increase your productivity and I was very surprised at the advice. Instead of offering techniques for multi-tasking or other ways to become busier, he suggested five things to do every morning that seemed like what you’d do after sleeping in on a Sunday.

Could it be that slowing down actually helps not only our minds, but also our emotional state with understanding, processing, and proceeding with all the input that’s in front of us?

I’m going to try this until the end of February and see if it not only helps me get more done, but also keeps away the inevitable midwinter blahs. If you’re willing to go ahead with this, I’d love to hear about your efforts and results.

The first one made sense, make your bed. I get it, you create a small section of order where you can. The second one isn’t too much of a surprise either, meditate. I’ve had good luck with a 3-minute meditation as long as I really focus on breathing slowly and fully.

The third one was interesting. Tim suggests that you decompress your spine every day, several times a day if you can. He gave all sorts of methods such as hanging upright from bars in the doorway, using inversion tables, and buying gravity boots. I’m pretty happy stretching backwards over my $10 physical therapy ball from the sporting goods store.

Number four was the one that really surprised me, have a cup of tea. Don’t just microwave it either. He wants you to put the water on to boil, steep the tea leaves, and sip slowly. He recommended Reishi mushroom tea, but I think I’ll stick with my herbs for now.

Number five was to journal. He suggested that you answer a few questions, my favorite was “How can I make today better?” In the evening, you also answer, “What could I have improved on today?” Apparently, Tim got so tired of having the same answer for what he could improve, that he changed just to write in a new answer.

We all have busy days, so getting at least 3 out of the 5 things done is still considered a good start to win the day. Who’s with me?