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Stand Up for your Health

You can get in shape for bathing suit weather and improve your overall health with one simple change. Stand up! In a study of middle-aged adults, people shaved over an inch off their waist just by getting out of their chairs for one minute.

Reducing your waist size leads to all sorts of health benefits including reduced inflammation, lower blood sugar, and fewer fat deposits around your organs. This means you’re less prone to heart disease, diabetes, and muscle aches.

What’s the secret? You only need to stand up for a minute, but you do need to do it frequently. Set a timer on your watch, phone, or computer to remind you every hour to stand up. If you need more motivation, keep this in mind. Studies suggest that people with highly sedentary habits live shorter lives and have a greater risk of heart disease even if they exercise regularly. So you can avoid going to the gym as long as you stand up for your health once an hour every day.