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Thanks for the Memories

Are you having trouble remembering things lately?  Stress can impair our memories, even if it’s the good stress thatgirls-with-coffee comes with holiday hustle and bustle.  Luckily, the things that boost your memory can also help reduce your stress.  Try fitting these three things into your holiday schedule:

1)  You’ll love this one!  Enjoy that cup of coffee, as long as it’s before 2 pm.  Caffeine helps you store memories in your brain.  Not a coffee drinker?  You can get that burst of caffeine from tea, green tea, chai, and even chocolate.  I told you that you’d like this one.

2)  Get social.  Studies show just 10 minutes of stimulating conversation boosts your memory. You get a lot for a little effort here, since exercise helps with other brain functions as well.

3)  Get some exercise to bring up your heartrate.  It creates more nerve cells in the part of your brain used for long-term memory.  A half hour a day of walking, jogging, or working out is all you need. Dancing qualifies too.

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If you want to see my availability and book an appointment instantly, visit   You can also buy gift certificates there, too! Click on “Other Certificates” to see the holiday specials. The new features will be integrated into my regular website soon, but you can start using it now or just take a peek!