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Tips on Snow Shoveling

Winter brings many challenges for our health, but none as obvious as shoveling snow. Here’s a few tips to keep you safe in this year’s storms:

If you can, Buy a decent shovel. Those cheap, plastic shovels don’t work well at all. The flat ones are shaped for lifting snow, others are curved for pushing snow aside. Find the right one.

Bend your knees so you’re not lifting with your back. Assume the snow is heavier than it looks, especially if you’re shoveling out that bit that the plow left behind.

Take plenty of breaks, every 20 minutes if you can. It’s also better to go out and shovel after only a few inches have accumulated even when it’s still snowing. Going out twice to lift less snow is better than going out once and straining your muscles.

Dress in layers and wear boots with good traction.

Know your limits and ask for help if you need it.

4 Responses to “Tips on Snow Shoveling”

    • lesley

      Googling is my suggestion. There’s a lot of info out there! You could also talk to a local chiropractor. They see a lot of patients due to improper posture while doing everyday chores.